Inflight Entertainment Systems Provide Many Options for Long Distance Flights

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Americans like to be busy.
And occupied.
And entertained.
From binge watching shows while they are stuck at home during a snowstorm to catching up on their favorite shows while they are on a flight, Americans like to know that they are never wasting a moment. For this reason, inflight entertainment systems (IFE) are increasingly popular. In fact, IFE monitors are a common site on planes that travel all around the country and all around the world.
There was a time when aircraft display systems were only a part of the cockpit and the seats of those sitting in first class. Today, however, there are an increasing amount of airlines that are in

4 Important Benefits of Regular Airplane Maintanence

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Ife systems for aircraft

Many people travel around the world by traveling on airplanes. In fact, statistics show that each day 8 million board flights all across the world. Considering that, it’s especially important that these passengers remain safe while in the sky. You’ll find that it’s wise to ensure that your airplanes receive repair and maintenance work at an FAA certified repair station. In the aviation world, the FAA stands for the Federal Aviation Administration. Working with an FAA approved repair stations helps to ensure you are receiving quality repairs. With that in mind, here are four important benefits associated w

Increasing Profits with Current Airline Customers

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In-flight entertainment systems

The airplane industry is a billion dollar business. Yet, it also costs billions of dollars to maintain and expand a single airline business. Airlines also have to be careful about remaining stagnant in the industry. Constant updates, improvements to technology, and remodels are needed to secure customers. The following techniques are great ways to improve the both customer satisfaction and sales.

Offer online services

Offering online services not only improves customer satisfaction, but also can cut down on employee costs. In previous times, employees had to handle every aspect of the travel process. An employee had to check the customer in, check their bags, guide them to the waiting lobby, board them, and then serve them during the flight. Once the flight arrived to its d