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Planning a Vacation? How Much Are You Paying for Travel?

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Bing travel price predictor

When it comes to planning a trip, where can I find the cheapest flights? I need someplace where I can bid on airline tickets, and maybe booking hotels too. A system that allows me to name my own price. I do not want to spend tons just to get to my vacation, and then have to pinch every penny and be miserable while I am there. What can I do?

Sounds familiar, right? It is the plight of anyone traveling anywhere. Plane tickets can get expensive, unless you book them a year in advance, for the middle of the week, to be flown at night. But it is not always that easy. There are times when you need that last minute flight, or you need to fly in at noon on a Saturday. If you go right through the airline,that ticket may be astronomical. Not the case if you consider Priceline airfare.

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