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American Camping Revisiting the Splendor of Nature

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Oklahoma campgrounds

There is no doubt that technology has significantly reshaped our lives, making possible things that previously could only be dreamed of. While technology can be a good thing in and of itself, many Americans are worried that our increasing dependence on technology may be having a detrimental effect on our children — for this reason thousands of Americans leave the technology behind in favor of a camping trip in America’s great outdoors.

Camping Across America

In 2013 the American Camper Report showed that 40.1 million Americans participated in camping; that figure represents 14% of the population over the age of six years. Our nation offers a breathtaking landscape across the 58 national parks and 6,624 state parks spread throughout the nation. Whether camping in tents, campe

Visiting the Gorgeous Mountain Views in Buena Vista, Colorado

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Colorado vacation

What is it about Colorado and its gorgeous mountain views that have people continually coming back for more? There are many reasons you should consider Colorado for your next vacation, whether it?s a couples retreat or a family excursion. Let?s review.

St. Elmo

St. Elmo is worth a look if you haven?t been to Colorado before. This is a ghost town, formerly home to nearly 2,000 people during the early gold rush. By the late 1920s, though, the community was largely gone — the railroad discontinued service to the area in 1922 after the fall of the mining industry. Many tourists now visit St. Elmo as it is a uniquely preserved look at what life used to be like. There?s a general store visitors can check out, and

3 Tips for Traveling to the Beautiful Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo vacation packages

Did you know that Cabo San Lucas has average summer temperatures of 70 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit? If you?re looking to put a little heat into your vacation, you may have found the right place.

Let?s face it: you?ve been overworking yourself. You spend 40 or more hours at your job every week and rarely get any time off, but now?s your big chance. About 61% of employees surveyed said that they kept working even when they were on vacation. Don?t let this be you! It?s time to take hold of your life, go on vacation, and have a blast. Do you plan on visiting luxury resorts in Cabo San Lucas? Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Everything You Need to See

Luckily, Cabo San Lucas has more than just beaches (although those by themselves are pretty amazing).

Leaving on a Jet Plane 5 Reasons Why Flying Private is Beneficial

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Private jet empty leg

Think back to the last time you had to fly for a business trip. Chances are you had to deal with overcrowded, large airports, delayed flights, cramped seats, and crying children. Now, how productive was that? Make sure to charter a private jet for your next business trip, and you will reap the following benefits.

A Flexible Schedule

Need to run into your office quickly the morning of your flight? Not a problem, private jet charters run on your schedule. Have an emergency? They can be available within a few hour’s notice, and you choose when it departs! Aircraft charter services also have the ability to fly in an