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What Should You Expect when Staying in Budget Hotels?

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Being able to get away on a budget is difficult. Having just escaped the clutches of the Great Recession, many are still struggling to pay their bills, let alone save up any sizable amount of money to put toward a vacation. As NBC News points out, the average vacation will cost families anywhere from $1,180 to $4,000.

Unfortunately, for a huge number of people, those prices are just too high. If you’re struggling to save up money to take your family away, however, there is hope. Staying in budget hotels is one of the best ways to cut your vacation costs and get away with the people you love. Now, it can be tempting to shy away when you see “budget hotels.” You might, as many people do, automatically equate cheap hotel

Four Great Ways to Pass the Time on Liberian Villa Holidays

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Since Liberia’s civil wars ended in the late 90’s and the first government elections were held in 2005, according to the United Bassa Organizations in the Americas, the country has made real efforts to rebuild and maintain a high quality tourist industry. Eight years later, Liberia finds itself as one of the best African destinations for villa holidays and beach resorts, many of which are all-inclusive.

Of course, luxury villa holidays aren’t quite enough to draw tourists in by themselves. While this West African gem’s premier villa holidays absolutely play a huge part in generating the more than $230 million tourist dollars that flood Liberia every year, according to Index Mundi, the fact is, just like any other vacation destination, it takes more than beautiful luxury villas to bring people in. Luck

How Using Hotel Reviews Can Help You Find the Best Hotels

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Have you always wanted to see the United Kingdom? Every year, according to Visit Britain, more than 30 million people with the same dream flood the country, heading to London, Dublin, and other British cities known for their beauty and cultural curiosities. London, the capital of the United Kingdom, hosts more than 54% of all tourists visiting the country.

Subsequently, according to BBC News, London Town has more than 130,000 hotel rooms; an additional 8,000 rooms will open by the end of 2013. With well over 100,000 hotels offering similar prices or quality or style, how can anyone hope to complete their hotel search in a timely fashion? By using hotel reviews, you can cut the guesswork out of choosing a place to m