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There’s nothing like spending some time in the great outdoors. But remember, there is a reason they say you’re “roughing it.” Camping is a tricky past time, and like a boy scout, you need to be prepared. To make sure that you are a happy camper this summer, here are a few simple but ingenious tips.

15 Brilliant Hacks for Your Summer Camping Trips

  1. For tent camping, use foam floor tiles (the kind you use on a kid?s playroom floor) to create a more cushioned and comfortable surface on the floor of your tent.
  2. Create an instant lantern by strapping a head lamp to a one-gallon water jug. This will fill the tent with light.
  3. If you are staying on heavily wooded campgrounds, make sure you familiarize yourself with the poisonous plants native to the area.
  4. Make an all-natural tick spray out of tea tree oil and water. Put this in a spray bottle and apply to shoes, socks, and pants.
  5. Repurpose an old coffee container to hold your toilet paper.
  6. Camping food can be bland due to a lack of storage space for ingredients. For cooking purposes, use tic tac boxes to store various spices.
  7. Bring a two-person sleeping bag. Cuddle time will also help keep you warm when the night?s cooler temperatures set in, especially if you are camping near a lake or staying on shady campsites.
  8. Cut a straw into small sections and fill each piece with antibiotic ointment, toothpaste, or anything else you may need. Use a lighter to seal the ends. These single-use packets will save space in your backpack.
  9. Use a belt and some hooks to hang your pots and pans from a tree.
  10. Empty prescription bottles make great containers for mini first-aid kits.
  11. You can make your summer camping trips a whole lot cleaner when you build a portable washing machine out of a bucket and a plunger.
  12. Can?t find any good kindling? Use Doritos to make a fire! They burn better than you?d think.
  13. Adding sage to a fire will keep the mosquitoes away.
  14. Cotton dipped in wax makes a great fire starter.
  15. Create mini oil lamps out of travel-size shampoo bottles and other tiny toiletry containers.

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