Everyone dreams of a Hawaii vacation for a number of reasons, but seeing the island alone is one of the main reasons. Nothing beats seeing the island first hand, nothing besides Oahu Hawaii helicopter tours that is. Hawaii saw a little over nine million visitors in 2017 which is an increase of over 4% from the 220,000 a day in the year 2016. Hawaii helicopter tours offers tourists and visitors a chance to see the island from afar as well as on land. The experience is truly a once in a lifetime experience, as long as your prepared. Consider the following tips when planning helicopter tours on your Hawaii vacation.

Motion Sickness

Sometimes those who are going on helicopter tours worry that they will get sick and wonder what they can do to avoid this. No one wants to ruin heir sightseeing adventure with motion sickness so consider doing a couple of things to avoid this. Over the counter medicines can be taken to ward off any motion sickness during your helicopter tour. Also consider ear plugs to help with the noise from the propellers. Mints and water can help ease an upset stomach and relaxing in your seat will keep you from experiencing dizziness which can increase motion sickness.

Personal Belongings

Before you head to your Hawaii helicopter tours excursion you want to make sure that you only bring things that are allowed. You should talk with the company and discuss personal belongings before hand. Some helicopters offer lockers where personal items can be stored such as purses. Others ask passengers to forego bringing them and to leave them in their car or at their hotel. Knowing what you can bring before hand will help you better prepare for your helicopter tour and make it an enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one.


Helicopter tours are not like airplanes. There are no places to use the bathroom as there are no lavatories on board. You should use the bathroom before hand, and refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks before going. These can increase the urge to go to the bathroom. Once the helicopter leaves the ground there will not be another chance to use the restroom. Keep this in mind while sipping water as well. Depending on how long the ride is, it might be better to slip slower to reduce the need to use the restroom.

Doors Off

There are advantages to flying doors off, such as pictures are less obstructed, but there are also some extra considerations to keep in mind. Bring a jacket. This is important no matter what the temperature is, because when you are higher up the air is colder. There will be no doors to block the wind, so you will be happy you have one. Also consider jewelry and sunglasses and other loose things. You want to make sure nothing has a chance to blow off during flight. While considering this, consider what type of shoes you wear too, because you don’t want to loose a flip flop or a sandal mid flight, finding it will be impossible.


Lastly it is a good idea before booking helicopter tours to speak with the company about passengers that may be traveling with you. If you have children accompanying you, then you should make sure the helicopter tour is child-friendly. Check to see how many window seats are available, and ask which side of the plane is best for viewing and taking photos. This will help if you have kids, since they probably won’t be taking photos, you’ll want to get the best seat for photos, while still allowing the children to take in the view.

Hawaii helicopter tours allow visitors to see the island from afar as well as on land combining a breath taking experience with one that is truly memorable. Make your vacation a memorable one with pictures and the once in a lifetime experience of a helicopter tour of the island. Plan your tour early into your vacation so you can enjoy the sites from the air on foot the rest of your stay.

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