Americans absolutely love traveling and they absolutely love vacations. Every single year, so many Americans sit down and plan out a fun vacation for themselves, them and their partner, or their entire family. Everyone wants to do different things on a vacation ranging from scuba diving to carriage rides and so much more!

Each and every year, almost 3% of the gross domestic product in the United States comes directly from traveling and tourism. So this means that Americans do not care to spend money on traveling to a location like Charleston, South Carolina for some fun horse drawn carriage rides.

Another big fact about the traveling industry involves United States jobs. Almost one out of every nine jobs in the United States involves traveling and tourism. So Americans should be encouraged to go on vacations because the economy and the job market benefits from this type of activity. Here are more facts on traveling, horse carriage rides, private carriage tours, and so much more!

People Love Vacations And Traveling

A study was conducted in regards to what type of activities will make Americans families happy. The number one result was traveling and vacations at nearly 37% of all American families. So there is nothing that families enjoy more than going out on a nice family vacation for a week or so. It helps people feel relaxed and helps them reduce stress. Yet, traveling is also popular amongst Adult couples as well!

Many American couples plan a vacation to help spark something new and freshen things up in their relationship. A survey has revealed that over 40% of all adults feel more romantic while on a vacation. As a result, they will feel a strong sense of happiness and love. This helps them release important endorphins in the brain that reduce stress and more. So a nice vacation with carriage rides can help couples potentially mend problems.

Carriage Rides Can Be Taken In Desirable Locations

A location that boasts plenty of carriage rides is right in the south. Charleston, South Carolina is a popular tourist destination because of physical geography and activities like horse rides. Charleston was founded in 1670 and has nearly 300 years of history to explore and discover. So Americans that want a scenic vacation with fun horse rides can enjoy the best of both worlds right in Charleston, South Carolina.

America’s first museum, the Charleston Museum, was founded in 1773. This is just one of the many pieces of history that this location has to offer. Plus, Charleston not an expensive place to visit unlike other popular destinations such as New York, California, and more. So people can enjoy a nice visit without having to run up their bills during the process.

In 2016, the number one spot on the Travel and Leisure Magazine’s World’s Best Cities list was none other than Charleston. People really love visiting this location to go on beautiful carriage rides. Keep in mind that there are 90 miles of Atlantic Coastline running right through Charleston and it is absolutely scenic and beautiful. A nice, private horse tour is going to be plenty of fun for partners and families alike.

Charleston attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. This is pretty impressive for a location that travelers often overlook when trying to plant out a nice little vacation. Keep in mind the average temperature here is just about 65 degrees. While this is not super hot like the West Coast or Miami, it is nice enough to avoid being cold and chilly. Travelers can feel relaxed, calm, and comfortable while having fun on some carriage rides.

In Conclusion

Each and every year, more and more American partners and families decide that they want to get away from their normal lives. There is nothing wrong with some time away. As a matter of fact, people should be encouraged to go on vacations and trips. There are working Americans that have jobs affected by traveling and tourism. So everyone should have at least one vacation trip a year! That way, people can be happier and American jobs can continue to grow!
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