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After September 11, 2001,obviously, the airlines were worried that their businesses would suffer due to fear of terrorism. On top of that, Americans were constantly being warned about the dangers of international travel. However, since that time international travel has been reborn and people are now traveling internationally at record rates. However, when you consider the poor quality and service of the different airlines, it is clear that increased air travel has nothing to do with the the increase in international travel, but to the deals that travelers can find online through travel websites like the Lonely Planet, Priceline airfare, Tracelocity, Msn travel, Yahoo travel flights, and about a zillion other travel web sites.

When it comes to international air travel, travelers have a couple of different things going for them. First of all, after 911, airlines had to find ways to lure air travelers their way. As such, all of the different airlines would offer deals that were too good for passionate international travelers to resist. Since all companies were doing this, it naturally led to even greater competition and pushing travel costs down even further. Additionally, travel websites of every stripe were competing with each other by tempting international air travelers toward their travel websites.

Even though 911 was a tragedy of historical proportions that caused an immediate downturn of international travel among Americans, it eventually led to better travel prices. In fact, to this day, great deals on idyllic international destinations can be found via the many travel websites that are in existence. Furthermore, even auction website will place airline tickets up for bid, and, depending upon the destination and current demand, the deals can end up saving successful bidders hundreds or thousands of dollars on travel expenses.

More than any other reason, travel websites have been a boon to international travel, and especially to the international travelers who purchase the tickets. In fact, if it were not for the existence of competitive travel websites, the travel industry might still be suffering from the repercussions of 911. As such, the first place that savvy international travelers turn to look for travel deals is, of course, to the internet, and for good reason.

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