Inside of a charter bus

If you’re looking for safe and comfortable transportation for a family or work outing, charter buses are the best option there is. Not only are they highly cost-efficient, they are also one of the greenest forms of transportation around. They have the smallest carbon footprint of all types of transportation. That should please the tree huggers in your group, as well as making the trip lighter on the wallet.

Charter buses then and now
Since the days of stagecoaches back in nineteenth century Europe, people have known that sharing a carriage is both comfortable and cost-efficient. The oldest buses date back to the 1820s, before internal combustion engines. These buses were drawn by horses.
By the next decade, steam-powered buses were running on intercity routes in England. At the present time, buses are one of the most popular types of transportation. For many rural communities in the U.S., they are the only form of public transportation available, serving locations that can’t be reached by air and rail.

Planning an outing by charter bus
If you’re planning a trip like a school or church outing, a family reunion, a shopping or casino trip or a work excursion, your best choice is to charter a bus. You may have memories of being bounced around in a rattly school bus on trips in your earlier days. Rest assured that charter buses of today are a completely different species.
With reclining seats, heating and air conditioning, drinks and snacks at hand and even video and wifi, they’re more reminiscent of the golden days of air travel. Back when it was still a luxury, giving you precious hours of down time to relax and prepare for your business trip or holiday.
Whatever the purpose of your trip, your bus provides a comfortable environment to socialize, listen to music, surf the web, watch a movie or just gaze out of the window at the passing scenery. It’s an in-between sort of time that you can spend chatting with friends and family or in a quiet reverie. The road is a good place to think, whether you’re a driver or passenger.

Motor coaches are green and cost-efficient
Motor coaches are often neglected when it comes to discussion of ecofriendly means of transportation. They are however very fuel efficient, providing more than 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel. Compare this to other kinds of transport: commuter rail gets 92 passenger MPG, domestic air carriers 44 passenger MPG, and single passenger autos get 27 MPG.
They’re also cost-efficient. Charter buses give you the flexibility to plan your own route and schedule and even make unscheduled stops as needed. With all these advantages, motor coaches are growing in popularity and move about 751 million passengers each year. That’s more than commercial airlines do in some years.

Choosing charter buses is a good decision for any number of reasons: comfort, flexibility, cost and sustainability. With all these positives, they may play an important role in the future of public transportation.

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