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When you are getting ready to go on vacation, one of the most difficult aspects of planning your trip can often be narrowing down to just one adventure on which you would be happiest spending your precious time off. If it is a family vacation or a group trip, it can add a little more difficulty, as attempting to satisfy everyone’s preferences while coming to a satisfactory agreement can often seem impossible, particularly in a group with vast and varied differences.

But if you were to find a location that has just a bit of everything to offer, is a bit off of the beaten path and so has unique adventures to partake in and discover, not to mention gorgeous mountain views, chances are the trip will be pleasantly memorable for everyone, if not fondly reminisced of as the trip of a lifetime.

Gorgeous mountain views and more

While for many people, the fact that a place offers gorgeous mountain views could be all the reason that they need to visit a place, some people need more opportunities for adventure than just nice scenery to look at. In your search for the perfect vacation getaway, you can look for places that advertise different events, activities, and outings, but you can also do some investigating and exploring of your own once you arrive. Not every adventure is listed online. Some of the best experiences happen after a conversation with a local reveals a must-see feature of the town or nearby park or forest, or perhaps after you have set out on your own hike without a destination in mind. Check off the things on your list that you must, like finding affordable accommodations, or being situated near gorgeous mountain views, and then let the rest of the adventure happen as you go.

Finding your perfect spot for adventure

So you would like to find nice bed and breakfast
lodging, with those views that will lend themselves so nicely to a sightseeing adventure, maybe some natural hot springs. Or maybe you want something secluded that also offers something a bit different.

There is a little place in the middle of Colorado called Buena Vista, meaning “beautiful view.” The population is under 5,000 people, and the little community sits at an elevation of almost 8,000 feet (7,954 feet, to be exact). This is the kind of place that offers so much to those looking for that perfect vacation getaway that is just different enough from the usual to be everything memorable that you want in your vacation adventure.

The eclectic beauty of Buena Vista

Founded in 1879, the community has a rich history that is evident not only in the architecture within the town, but that can also be explored in nearby ghost towns such as St. Elmo, a quick 30 to 40 minutes from Buena Vista by car.

For the ambitious climbers of the group, there are over 10 mountains in the area that stand at least 14,000 feet tall, and for the other hikers and explorers, there is an abundance of forestland within minutes of the town, and over 700 miles worth of hiking and walking trails. Backpacking is a popular option, of course, and with the nearby Arkansas River flowing along the east of the town, there are over 100 miles of water fun such as whitewater rafting or fishing.

Letting loose and living life!

Maybe there are too many opinions within the group to agree on one perfect adventure. But finding a place that offers so many different options is a great way to satisfy everyone. And the main idea to keep in mind on your vacation is that you are on a new adventure, whether you are with people you care about, or you are finding yourself on a solo journey. And remember that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Every new experience, whether it is something you have always loved or you feel a bit out of your comfort zone, has the ability to change you for the better.

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