Whether you are headed on a family vacation or going out of town on business, dealing with the hassles and stresses of air travel is never fun. Paying massive fees for parking, renting a car or being overcharged by a rideshare or taxi is something that most people are forced to deal with at some point in their lives.

Thankfully, most metropolitan areas have an airport express shuttle service that can eliminate many of these worries. Across the United States, over 16,000 vans and shuttles are available to be chartered. Taking the shuttle can eliminate many annoying aspects of planning your trip, providing safe and easy travel to and from airports across the country. Rather than renting a town car or hailing a taxi, you can easily avoid extra costs and stress by using public transportation.

With an ever-growing fear of the effects we are having on the planet due to CO2 emissions from automobiles, cutting down on unnecessary sources of carbon dioxide is more important than ever. Even though it might not seem like much of a difference, shuttles are more efficient than cars, commuter trains and even transit buses at reducing CO2 emissions.

Shuttles emit the least carbon dioxide per mile compared to other vehicles, and are on average 6 times more energy and fuel-efficient than single passenger cars often used by those travelling away from home. Across the world, more than 3 million people fly on commercial airplanes every day. If even a fraction of those people were to use shuttle transportation instead of personal car rental or taxis, it could have a substantial effect on global CO2 emissions.

In addition to being far better for the environment, there are other benefits to taking the shuttle. Less work on the part of the traveler is always appreciated, so imagine being able to stop worrying about how to get to and from the airport and instead simply make a phone call to a nearby charter service to find out what options are available to you. Sounds much easier, right? It’s also usually cheaper.

If you or your family is going on a trip, looking into taking the shuttle rather than dealing with the often obscenely high costs and stress associated with planning for other transportation could be well worth your time. Have you taken a shuttle to or from the airport before? How was your experience? Would you prefer that to traditional forms of transportation? Let us know in the comments below!

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