Are you looking for a cool bar to visit? There are plenty of local bars that are absolute gems if you take some time to explore and find them. However, there are some highly unusual bars located around the world that may also pique your interest. In this video, you will learn about some of the most unique bars in the world.

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One of the more unusual bars is located in Japan. Japan is known for its themed bars and restaurants, but this one takes the cake. The bar is known as The Lockup and is jail themed. That is right, you can have your drinks and food in jail cells with tables. To take it a step further, all waiters are dressed to look like security guards.

Another intriguing bar is the Monkey Bar is Germany. This bar is located high up in a hotel. However, it gets its name because it overlooks the monkey exhibit of an adjacent zoo. Therefore, this is a great place to have a nice cold drink and watch some of your favorite primates. Just don’t go throwing food to the monkey as this could lead to a quick exit.


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