Private jet charter for business

Work trips can be a chore to plan, but the chore doesn’t have to immense and never ending. Knowing which options you have and which ones make the most sense helps the planning process go smoothly. When your planning that next trip and wondering if the price of commercial airlines makes more sense rather than charter flight pricing, consider all the facts. Read the benefits below which clearly outline why charter flight pricing outranks commercial airline pricing any day.


When you choose to charter private jets you can choose whatever cuisine you would like during your private jet flight. The menu on your private jet charter is completely up to you. A commercial airline service can accommodate some needs, but it can’t come anywhere close to serving the type of cuisine that you are going to find on a private charter.


When you fly a commercial airline you are required to fly by there timelines, but when you fly with a private charter service you have more flexibility in your schedule. Charter services can be available within a few hours of when you need them, and they can wait if things don’t go as planned and you are late. Commercial airlines are not going to wait on you.


One of the benefits that go hand in hand with charter flight pricing is the privacy that you will not get in flight with any other air carrier. Meetings can be held without others overhearing the conversation. Personnel who flew on commercial flights experienced a 40% drop in productivity according to a 2009 survey, and according to the same survey respondents reported they were 20% more productive in a company aircraft compared with a commercial aircraft. This can not even be accomplished with first class flights.

Less Stress

With charter services you can expect less stress compared with commercial airline services. There are no lines that you must wait in, no luggage claims where you have to worry about loosing it. There are no transfers of airlines, no delays in busy airports and no security checks. You simply board your charter aircraft and you are on your way.

Faster Trip

When booking a flight and considering charter flight pricing take into consideration how fast your overall trip will be. You could get a direct flight to your destination granted your aircraft is equipped with enough fuel. Private jets are also built differently than commercial airlines which means they use less fuel to reach your desired destination. Charter aircraft is able to fly higher than commercial planes which means they avoid more traffic and they have a direct flight path to your destination.

Charter aircraft are popular ways of transportation among business professionals. One third of all business flights are flown into secondary airports while only 19% are flown into commercial air ports. It seems as though the business world has caught onto the benefits of smaller charter jets for business purposes. After reading the benefits, it’s clear to see that they are obvious and easy to make your choice simple.

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