Private jet flight

You never imagined that you would ever be booking a Gulfstream charter plane for part of your family vacation. In the process of making plans for your ultimate family vacation, however, you have been looking at a variety of options. From boat rides to Gulfstream charter planes, you have been doing a lot of research. To celebrate you and your husband’s 35 wedding anniversary, as well as your youngest daughter’s high school graduation and your oldest daughter’s college graduation, you are planning a trip to Santorini, Greece. Flying through New York, however, also provides you with an opportunity to visit Niagara Falls, a place that you have always wanted to see.

The international flight arrangements are complicated and expensive, but after a good deal of research you discovered that if you flew from New York they were more affordable. The flight to The Big Apple, however, were much cheaper if you went in the middle of the week, leaving you a couple days of sight seeing before your flight out of the country. Looking over the New York options, you found a special deal with a private jet flight that would let you get a little site seeing in before you ever leave the U.S.

The Best Private Jet Experiences Serve as a Benefit to Both Business and Leisure Travelers

Commercial airlines are the way that the majority of Americans travel, but the charter plane industry offers a variety of advantages. From quieter and more productive work spaces while in the air to less of a hassle when it comes to finding the right flight times and waiting on long security and boarding lines, private plane charters offer a significant number of advantages.

As many as 1.2 million Americans are employed by the business aviation industry, generating $150 billion in economic activity a year. And while the majority of these employees are in the commercial industry, there are also a number who work in the private charter industry. In fact, by the year 2011, there were 11,261 private jets registered in the U.S. Even more significant, the U.S. accounts for 49.7% of the private jet market, with Europe coming in second with a mere 20.8%. Not just for business travel, the private charter jet industry is also a solution to many leisure travel plans as well.

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