Niagara sightseeing

Niagara Falls tours go back a long way. People have been making the trek to the falls to view its beauty since the 18th century. And it was one of the most popular subjects of the Hudson Valley School of painters. Niagara Falls tours have become more advanced since that point. Niagara tours now include Niagara falls bus tours and limousine tours of the region.

Some of these tours go back to the visions of men like Gordon Bedore who offered sightseeing tours of Niagara Falls which used to start at the parking lot of the Howard Johnson’s restaurant in the 1950s. He used to guide the guests around Niagara Falls himself.

The ownership of this particular Niagara falls tours company changed hands in the late 1980s when it was acquired by John O’Hear and expanded its operations to where it is today, with 20 vehicles and full sized motorcoaches. Some of these tours are not just Niagara falls tours. Some of them go down to the Finger Lakes region of New York to make tours of the wine country.

Niagara Falls has changed quite a bit over the years. For many people, not all of these changes have been for the better. There are a lot more casinos than there used to be and there is a lot more of a theme park feel to the city. Nonetheless, Niagara Falls is still as majestic as ever and the city still affords a diverse community which can be appreciated by just about anyone.

It is for this reason that Niagara Falls tours remain popular, now more than 60 years after its founding. These tours are going to continue to remain popular as the century progresses most likely. People can have all kinds of experiences today, but no experience is exactly like seeing Niagara Falls up close.

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