One of the biggest questions in traveling to any city is transportation. Public transit is the backbone of urban areas but can be crowded and unreliable. Especially if there are big events or celebrations happening. If you’re just visiting or have a family, it’s easier to handle your own vehicle, but then you have to compete with everyone else on the road for a place to park. It’s a near-universal experience, driving laps around the blocks trying to find a lot or garage near enough to your destination.

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Not to mention that if money is a concern, there’s the challenge of finding the lot with the lowest price.

In answer to this necessity, technology presented Uber, Lyft, and parking apps. But that still leaves a lot of questions up in the air. It’s difficult to tell what app, program, subscription, et cetera will be the best fit and value for your particular needs. There’s no easy way to try them all.

Thankfully, technology is an ever-changing entity. Sometimes it’s as simple as sitting down and thinking hard about what will work best for you and your budget. Exploring local options and programs. A subscription or loyalty-based option isn’t necessarily a bad idea, as long as the benefit can make the cost worth it.


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