Who doesn’t love a relaxing vacation. RVs are a great way to explore while maintaining the comforts of home. You could take your RV on camping trips, sports trips, or sightseeing trips. When looking for an RV, the best deals often are with used RVs. However, you need to be smart about which RV you choose.

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You don’t want to accidently buy an RV that is likely to break down. In this video, you will learn several tips for choosing the right RV.

When looking into buying a used RV, look under the RV to see the frame. Look for any spots that are rusted out and check to see if the axles are in good condition. If the axles are bent downwards, they are likely to have been overused and may need to be replaced in the near future. Also check the suspension for wear. you may also want to check the date on the tires and see how worn down they are. There is a chance that they are not even the appropriate tires for the vehicle. It is just another cost to keep in mind for the larger equation.


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