Cabins in new hampshire

Do you enjoy camping? Apparently, about 47% of adult campers are motivated to go because they enjoy just the basic act of camping in itself. While setting up a tent, or struggling to set up the tent depending on your ability, is a time-honored step in camping that doesn’t mean you can’t sometimes elevate the experience. A campground with cabins can be a wonderful option for both camping novices and experts.

Three Questions to Ask Before Booking at a Campground With Cabins.

While part of the appeal of camping is the idea of simply hitting the road and roughing it for a few days, it reality it pays to plan ahead. About 43% of campers like to plan about one month ahead of there trip. Doing so helps you avoid awkward mishaps, such as forgetting the toothbrushes, or worse, the toilet paper.

Does the Cabin Come Furnished With Supplies?

Camping requires a certain degree of flexibility. Most devout campers would call that part of it’s charm. When you camp in a tent, there is the expectation that you’ll need to bring some essentials to get through the trip. The tent, food, basic cookware, utensils, blankets, and a few toiletries are obvious bullet points on your pre-packing list that you’ll make a month ahead.

But if you are heading to a campground with cabins available, they might come with some niceties. Some places include cookware and basic toiletries for their guests, but it is crucial that you don’t assume every cabin rental does this for visitors. When you call to book, ask what is included with the rental fee, and if you booked online, it is a good idea to call anyway to make sure they have your reservation.

Do They Include Beds For Guests?

While you’ll want to bring your own sleeping bags or bedding from home, sometimes campgrounds with cabins do come furnished with bedsteads. It’s a great comfort to be up off of the ground, especially if you plan to go camping during the colder months. Having a bed to sleep in can also make it much easier when camping with children, and may make some parents feel less guilty.

Even cabins that come unfurnished with nothing else inside of them will usually have a bedstead or two with a bare mattress available. It is still a good idea to ask when booking the cabin if they come with beds, and if so how many. You may choose to bring extra bedding from home to make the cabin feel cozy, but sleeping bags should be fine too.

What Time Can You Check-In to Your Campground With Cabins?

When you’re camping in the wilderness offsite of a regulated campground, you’re not going to have someone to check-in with to claim your spot. This appeals to many people who have been camping for years, but if you’re still a beginner at this you might prefer a little bit of civilization on your trip. At a campground with cabins, you’ll likely have a check-point to either pay if you haven’t already or get directions to your cabin.

Have you stayed in a hotel before? There are checking in hours, and while hotels usually don’t have a cut off time for when guests can pick up their room keys, a campground might. It would be very frustrating to arrive at your campgrounds only to find there is no one there to help you. On the other hand, arriving late to the campground with cabins available is great because you won’t need to worry about setting up a tent in the dark.

It’s better to make plans for your trip in advance, but as many as 34% of campers don’t. Without a doubt those people will forget an important necessity, whether it’s toothpaste or cooking utensils for the campfire. While staying in a cabin might give you a feeling of luxuriousness while you’re “roughing it,” your cabin might not come with any extra features. Plan ahead, double check with the campgrounds about the amenities, and remember to relax once you get there.

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