According to this video by the David Siddons Group, the three neighborhoods closest to top private schools in miami are Coconut Grove, Corral Gables, and Pine Crest. Each of these areas is about 20 minutes from top private schools in miami.

David discusses why 20 minutes is the ultimate driving time to get to one of these schools. However, he cautions the viewer to remember they will be driving to their chosen private school and back every day.

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Anything further away starts to interfere with the quality of life, something he experienced when his child went to a school further away.

He also offers tips for finding a house on the market that meets the requirement of being closer to top private schools in miami. According to David, Miami has some stellar private schools, but none of that matters if you end up buying a house you can’t afford, therefore stretching financial resources too thin.

He suggests taking time to look for a home that fits your budget as well as one that also has the things you feel are essential to your wants and needs.


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