If you recently visited Mexico, you’re already enamored by the deep blue waters, soft white beaches, picturesque palms, and delicious chilaquiles. Many tourists flock to Mexico to soak in its beauty, sample its food and get a taste of one of the most influential cultures in Latin America. According to Statista, Mexico welcomed 32 million international tourists in 2021 alone, a superb testimony to Mexico’s allure.

Leaving Mexico after a vacation can be difficult. You may experience post-vacation blues if you don’t take the necessary measures. You can bring the vacation fun home after a trip to Mexico, keep the memories, and skip the blues. Here are ten ways.

1. Try Local Mexican Restaurants

You’ll often miss most of the local Mexican food you sampled; the tacos, the elote, and enchiladas. Oh, and the fresh guacamole you had with tortilla chips. One of the best ways you can bring vacation fun home is to buy and carry food items that you can with you. Spices are a good starting place if there’re no travel restrictions.

You could also try local restaurants that make fresh Mexican food. The sweet aroma and the presence of the Mexican staff will remind you a little about Mexico. According to IBIS World, there are about 61 681 Mexican food establishments in the U.S., so you’ll likely find a local Mexican restaurant near your home. Some can even make special orders on request. You can also order online and have the food delivered to your door if the restaurant isn’t far from your home

If you don’t live near a Mexican restaurant, you can plan a short day trip to a place with fantastic options. It could be part of you fending off post-vacation blues, re-integrating into normal life..

2. Make Mexican Dishes at Home

Alternatively, you can bring vacation fun by making your Mexican food at home. You can use some spices or food items you carry from Mexico or order from locally-owned Mexican food stores. Try making a dish that reminds you of Mexico, for example, a dessert you had or breakfast.

Trying a new recipe will not only help you revisit Mexico with your taste buds, but it’ll also benefit you psychologically. One study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that engaging in an easy but creative activity, such as trying a new recipe, increases happiness. If you want your Mexico-induced happiness to continue, cooking a Mexican meal might be the way to go.

Your new recipe might be a stressor instead of inducing happiness if you don’t follow some basic practices. Here are four tips to remember when trying a new Mexican recipe at home.


  • Clean and de-clutter your kitchen before food preparation so that you have enough counter space
  • Start with the basics, such as rice and beans, and work your way up to spicy meals
  • Prepare all of your ingredients before, so you don’t waste time multitasking
  • Copy the recipe by hand or at least print it out, so you don’t forget anything


3. Find Mexican Treats at Local Stores

Mexican treats put the country’s cuisine in the spotlight on the international stage. If you tried various Mexican treats during your visit, your taste buds already miss the delicacy. Finding Mexican treats at local stores is a superb way to bring the vacation fun home after a trip to Mexico. Luckily, you can get most types of Mexican desserts at local stores. For example, you can get Jarritos from local Jarritos distributors.

Don’t fret if you can’t find a replica of the dessert you had in Mexico. Instead, be open to exposing your taste buds to various treats. Shopping in Mexican stores will be beneficial because it’ll bring all those sweet memories back. You can bring a friend or loved one to tag along and soak in Mexican fun again.

If you’re trying to eat healthily, you may be hesitant to hit the local Mexican store for treats, but don’t be. Eating desserts is beneficial because it helps reduce your cravings. One study by Tel Aviv University involving 600 adults found that participants who took a 600-calorie breakfast with desserts reported fewer cravings and hunger than participants who took a 300-calorie breakfast without treats.

4. Enjoy Tropical Flavors

bring the vacation fun home with tropical flavors

Another way you can bring the vacation fun home after a trip to Mexico is by enjoying tropical flavors. Latin America has made a name as a source of diverse flavors. These flavors come in handy during hot summers in Mexico. But who said you have to leave all the topical flavor fun in Mexico? You can look for a local juice bar to get your favorite Chile Lime Mango flavor, a margarita, or the tropical favorite-pineapple.

Tropical flavors are predominantly used in soft drinks and cocktails. However, you can enjoy them in flavored beer and sweet products. Enjoying a cold piña colada on a sunny afternoon will remind you of Mexico’s beautiful beaches and add beneficial nutrients to your body. In fact, for many consumers of tropical flavors, immunity is a top motivator.

Plan Your Next Trip to Mexico

While seeking treats and delicacies will help you bring all the Mexican vacation fun home, there is a more effective way – plan your next trip to Mexico. Unless your vacation was a year and a half, you likely only had enough time and resources to visit a part of Mexico.

You can re-kindle your happiness by planning a second trip. While traveling produces happiness, it fades off during post-vacation. However, planning another trip can produce happiness and joyful expectations. To make the trip more memorable, start by researching both fun places you never got a chance to visit during your last trip. Are there fun activities and food that you have on your bucket list? Ideally, go to a new place in Mexico and meet new people. But don’t forget to plan ways in which you can make your trip more fun.

5. Get Your Pets Settled Before Your Leave

You can travel with your pet to Mexico with the right preparation. The U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has guidelines on the requirements. In addition, your chosen airline will have guidelines and restrictions for traveling with your pet. However, traveling with a pet can be challenging, especially on long flights. You can make plans to leave your pet settled before traveling. Here are four tips to leave your cat settled before leaving.


  • Update pet ID: Up-to-date information will make it easier for someone to return your pet home if it ever gets away
  • Get a pet sitter: A qualified pet sitter has the competency to mind your pet so you’ll be less anxious on your vacation
  • Consider long term dog boarding: That way, your pet will get professional services and get lots of playmates.
  • Get pet supplies: Ensure that your pet has enough food, waste bags, and water


6. Prepare for Trouble in Advance

With traveling, you can never be 100% sure that everything will go as planned. That’s why you need to prepare for trouble. One of the best strategies is getting coverage, such as travel and event cancellation insurance. Even when traveling to a neighboring country such as Mexico, you’ll still need insurance to cover you.

Another way you can prepare for trouble is by gathering information. Often, people get into trouble because they don’t have enough information to make decisions. For example, if you’re visiting a zoo or planning a hike, research entry requirements and the weather. If you plan to visit big cities such as Mexico City, research common safety issues and how to protect yourself.

It’s not an unlikely event to lose your physical documents. That’s why you should have a backup of all your legal documents in digital form and upload them to an easy-to-access server. Have both liquid and hard cash. If you lose your credit card, you can use physical cash.

7. Pick Up Unique Housewares as Souvenirs

bring the vacation fun home with souvenirs

Another way to bring the vacation fun home after a trip to Mexico is housewares souvenirs. Mexico is a rich culture that often expresses itself in pottery, poetry, and film work. One of the best ways to bring Mexico home with you is by picking unique housewares such as decorative porcelain tile, rustic pottery, Palomar stoneware, blown glassware, and Gorky pottery.

If travel restrictions bar you from buying your favorite items, you can buy them and then ship them to your address. Choose pieces with sentimental value for you. For example, a floral pattern on houseware can express your happiness during the trip, while cool navy blue tones can remind you of the tranquility of traveling. Buying handmade houseware in local shops in Mexico is a great way to support the local economy. After all, tourism brings a significant income to many families in Mexico. For example, according to Statista, Mexico made $18.52 billion in 2021 from tourism.

8. Find Trinkets to Bring Home for Your Garden

Trinkets such as jewelry and stone products make good travel souvenirs. They can be a great way to bring vacation fun home. As with handmade housewares, it’s best to promote local businesses by buying locally-made trinkets for your garden. You can have them customized to match your taste and identity. You could also buy them as gifts for loved ones.

When it comes to trinkets, some places such as Riviera Maya, Taxco, San Miguel de Allende, and Puerto Vallarta can offer you so much value while giving you the ultimate shopping experience. You can visit Taxco for unique and easy-to-pack silver jewelry that’s handmade and easy to pack. If you want to be a little playful, you can get Dia de Los Muertos figurines to decorate your garden for the Halloween holidays.

When buying trinkets, it’s essential to remember why you’re buying one. For example, trinkets for your garden need to be made from durable materials such as silver. Also, check for border laws on what you can import.

9. Dress Your Baby in Locally Made Clothing

You can also get a feel of Mexico once you’re back home by dressing your baby in locally-made baby clothes. Mexico has some of the most vibrant fabrics you can find. You can snuggle with your baby wrapped in a Mexican blanket or dress your baby girl in a mini-sized huipil, an item of traditional clothing.

When buying baby clothes in Mexico, you must consider some things. It’s best to buy one bigger size because children outgrow their clothes quickly. Also, choose materials and fabrics that are kind to your baby, such as cotton. Alternatively, you can buy a beautiful fabric and have a local tailor custom-fit it for your baby. You could even rock matching fabric and sombreros each time you head out to a beach. You’d bring the vacation fun home with your colorful and bubbly outfits. Make sure to add some cool sunglasses, too!

10. Buy Home Decor Souvenirs

You know another cool souvenir you’d bring home? Home décor items. For example, you can bring some interior signs. Imagine walking through your hallway and always seeing a beautiful phrase on a sign made in Mexico. You could be more playful by having it in Spanish. That way, it’ll be a conversation starter, and you can reminisce about your vacation in Mexico.

Another home décor idea you can explore is a wooden Mexico map art to hang on your wall. You can put pins on every place you visit and the places you’ll visit next. A painting or photo reflecting Mexican culture is also a good way to bring the vacation fun home and preserve your beautiful memories.

Your vacation fun after a trip to Mexico doesn’t have to end at the airport. You can carry it home. You can freeze memories in souvenirs, photos, and perfumes, or come home and look for ‘Little Mexico’ near your home. You don’t have to go through the vacation blues because you can bring the vacation fun home with our top 10 tips.

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