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Since Liberia’s civil wars ended in the late 90’s and the first government elections were held in 2005, according to the United Bassa Organizations in the Americas, the country has made real efforts to rebuild and maintain a high quality tourist industry. Eight years later, Liberia finds itself as one of the best African destinations for villa holidays and beach resorts, many of which are all-inclusive.

Of course, luxury villa holidays aren’t quite enough to draw tourists in by themselves. While this West African gem’s premier villa holidays absolutely play a huge part in generating the more than $230 million tourist dollars that flood Liberia every year, according to Index Mundi, the fact is, just like any other vacation destination, it takes more than beautiful luxury villas to bring people in. Luckily, Liberia has so much more to offer.

Check out the Local Music Scene
As the African Standard News writes, Liberia is well known for its regional type of rap. Hip-co, as the style is called, is a mixture of American hip-hop and Liberian vernacular English and cultural themes. The style is extremely popular in the country, with live shows regularly springing up along Liberia’s streets and at its favorite local restaurants.

Relax, Eat, Drink in the Liberian Sun
Located on the Atlantic shorelines of West Africa, Liberia lets its visitors relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A main pull for tourists looking for villa holidays, the best hotels in the country are located along the beach, giving you the ability to eat, drink, read, and relax while taking in the sunrise/sunset over the Atlantic.

Head into Nature
Some of the country’s most frequent visitors are outdoorsmen and scientists. Why? A large portion of Liberia is dominated by unspoiled rainforest. While much of the rainforest is off-limits for the sake of environmental conservation, Lonely Planet writes that Sapo National Park offers enough rainforest to keep any traveler busy. Covering more than 1,800 kilometers of land, Sapo gives tourists the chance to see hippos, antelopes, and much, much more.

Learn About the Country’s Rich History
According to the Library of Congress, Liberia was founded in 1815 by freed African-American slaves. Over the next 200 years, the people of Liberia wrestled with shaking the control of the American Colonization Society, putting down civil wars, and bringing democracy into their country. If history is your thing, a visit to the Liberian National Museum, located in the nation’s capital of Monrovia, can teach you everything you’d ever want to know about Liberian history.

Rest assured, when you visit Liberia, you not only give yourself the chance to experience some of the best paradise resorts in the world but much, much more. Whether you love catching rays on the beach or exploring unspoiled nature, Liberia has something for you. Continue reading here.

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