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Being able to get away on a budget is difficult. Having just escaped the clutches of the Great Recession, many are still struggling to pay their bills, let alone save up any sizable amount of money to put toward a vacation. As NBC News points out, the average vacation will cost families anywhere from $1,180 to $4,000.

Unfortunately, for a huge number of people, those prices are just too high. If you’re struggling to save up money to take your family away, however, there is hope. Staying in budget hotels is one of the best ways to cut your vacation costs and get away with the people you love. Now, it can be tempting to shy away when you see “budget hotels.” You might, as many people do, automatically equate cheap hotel prices with cheap hotel rooms. However, as you will see, the best budget hotels in the world don’t sacrifice their quality for the sake of cheap hotel rates.

What You Should Expect from the Best Budget Hotels

  • Attentive Service
  • Whether you’re taking advantage of cheap hotel deals or you’re staying at the most expensive hotel in the world, the one thing that should never change is the level of service you receive.’s Karen Tina Harrison writes that great hotel service should include an attentive, interested hotel manager, friendly staff who are knowledgeable about the area, and a concerted effort to make you feel like an appreciated customer. Great service is something the best budget hotels never sacrifice.

  • No Difference in Treatment Between Customers
  • Did you know that, when surveyed by Lead Hotels, 34% of frequent business travelers say that they refuse to accept a difference in treatment from when they are traveling for business and when they are traveling with their families? Whether you’re staying in budget hotels because you absolutely have to or you’re staying because you’d like to save some money, your financial status and reason for travel won’t matter at the best budget hotels in the world.

  • Great Location
  • Too many travelers assume that staying in budget hotels means having to stay miles away from the heart of their vacation destination. However, the best budget hotels in the world are located near popular tourist attractions, bus and train stations, and other locations that make your trip extremely convenient. Take London, for example: its best budget hotels are located near Victoria Station and in Camden, ensuring their clients don’t lose sightseeing ability for the sake of cheaper prices.

As you can see, staying in budget hotels doesn’t mean giving up the hospitality all hotels should offer. By choosing only the best budget hotels, you ensure you get great service, universal attention, and a great location, wherever you’re heading. For more about this, go here:

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