Colorado vacation

What is it about Colorado and its gorgeous mountain views that have people continually coming back for more? There are many reasons you should consider Colorado for your next vacation, whether it?s a couples retreat or a family excursion. Let?s review.

St. Elmo

St. Elmo is worth a look if you haven?t been to Colorado before. This is a ghost town, formerly home to nearly 2,000 people during the early gold rush. By the late 1920s, though, the community was largely gone — the railroad discontinued service to the area in 1922 after the fall of the mining industry. Many tourists now visit St. Elmo as it is a uniquely preserved look at what life used to be like. There?s a general store visitors can check out, and many of the old mining roads are now used by jeeps to explore the overall region.

Buena Vista

If you?ve ever wanted to visit central Colorado, consider checking out Buena Vista. Its name translates to ?Beautiful View,? literally, and this couldn?t be closer to the truth. Interestingly, locals often refer to it as ?Biewna Vista,? which is a uniquely American way of pronouncing the word. The area is surrounded by gorgeous mountain views and it?s a popular destination for hikers, skiers, fishermen and more — many local areas are easily accessible from Buena Vista that are worth visiting. Many of its buildings are worth visiting — some date back to the 1880s, showcasing a unique period in frontier American history. Buena Vista hot springs are also known worldwide as a great place to check out for an experience you just won’t get anywhere else!

What Should You Do to Prepare for Your Trip?

Don?t come to Buena Vista without a plan! You should look into your various options for affordable accommodations in the area. Recommended are cabin stays and bed and breakfasts; these will give you a real feel for what it?s like to live here. Nothing says cozy like a little B and B in the heart of the mountains! Although some people vacation in places like NYC, this city will give you a real taste of the small town atmosphere. You?ll want to bring practical footwear, as this is not the right place to walk around in high heels. Have fun — there’s no place quite like Buena Vista, and before long, you’ll want to call it home as well!

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