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There is no doubt that technology has significantly reshaped our lives, making possible things that previously could only be dreamed of. While technology can be a good thing in and of itself, many Americans are worried that our increasing dependence on technology may be having a detrimental effect on our children — for this reason thousands of Americans leave the technology behind in favor of a camping trip in America’s great outdoors.

Camping Across America

In 2013 the American Camper Report showed that 40.1 million Americans participated in camping; that figure represents 14% of the population over the age of six years. Our nation offers a breathtaking landscape across the 58 national parks and 6,624 state parks spread throughout the nation. Whether camping in tents, campers, recreational vehicles, or yurts, chances are there is a beautiful, shady campsites just waiting for visitors. With around two out of every three campers saying that they’re already planning an average of 5 camping trips this summer, those shady campsites are already booking up across the nation!

Popular Camping Activities

Nature is just teeming with possibilities as around 87% of campers participate in a number of outdoor activities while camping out. Many family campgrounds have playgrounds and other recreational sites to keep children entertained without the internet; during the summer most family camping areas have a variety of activities planned including nature walks, movie screenings, and other events. Hiking and backpacking are two of the most popular activities for campers as most wooded campgrounds feature stunning natural areas packed full of wildlife to be explored; in 2008 the number of hikers and backpackers was nearly 30 million, by 2014 that number increased to 38 million, marking it as one of the fastest growing outdoor recreational activities. Bird watching is another growing hobby for outdoor enthusiasts and fishing remains a constant activity for a majority of campers.

Finding a Perfect Camping Spot

Not all campsite is created equally, so care should be given before planning a trip to ensure that all campers will be entertained by what your campsite offers. A shady campsite with a picnic table is ideal for hot summer days, especially for those campers who do not have an awning on a camper or recreational vehicle. Around 70% of all camping is done on a public campground as many campers enjoy the safety, facilities, and community offered by such campgrounds, especially for longer trips. A growing number of campers are participating in backwoods camping to revisit the survival element that many people believe has been lost thanks to modern society. Although backwoods camping can be an enjoyable activity, proper precautions need to be taken to ensure that the campers will be ready for anything; this includes a first aid kit, some means of calling for emergency help, and a through knowledge of the environment to prepare against predators. For those with an advanced skill set looking to put themselves to the test, consider backwoods camping to be the ideal survival challenge; for those who simply love nature and the outdoors, there is plenty of adventure to be found at your local campgrounds!

Most camping ? about 70% ? is done in public campgrounds, and your family will be convinced to make this a yearly event after they experience family vacation campgrounds.

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