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Does your business travel frequently? How do you travel when you need to get from one place to another for a business conference, meeting, or another business-related event? There are so many ways to get around. Some ways are better for transportation all-around, though. Depending on whether you are concerned about cutting expenses for your business, helping the environment, or getting to the event the quickest way possible, different modes of transportation can a better option than others.

Interested in learning more about all the different ways you can travel for your business? From airport transportation, to bus rentals, to a charter bus, each has pros and cons your company should consider the next time you need to travel.

3 Different Ways to Travel for Your Business

1. Motorcoach

The motorcoach industry is really taking off in the United States making it a great way to travel when the whole company needs to get to an event together. Every year, around 631,000,000 passenger trips are taken in the motorcoach industry in the United States and Canada alone. Some of the reasons many companies and individuals enjoy using a motorcoach as means of transportation are that it can get you where you need to go in time, can help the environment, and can cut down on traffic.

For example, for every motorcoach that travels full of people on the highway, you can get rid of 55 cars. Think of how much traffic that could reduce if more people used motorcoaches to travel frequently. Additionally, carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by 4.3 tons throughout a year for every car if people chose to travel by motorcoach instead.

2. Airport transportation

Airport transportation is another way for your business
to get where it needs to go quickly and efficiently. Since 31 states throughout the country now have national airports, you can travel almost anywhere you need to without much of an issue. Airport transportation is so popular that more than 3 million people choose to fly via airplane every single day throughout the world.

Getting to and from the airport is simple nowadays, too. There are so many different airport express shuttle services that can take you where you need to go without taking much effort on your part. This explains why so many businesses choose airport transportation when they company has an event they need to get to. Around 33% of businesses prefer this means of transportation.

3. Limos, SUVs, and charter services

Another way to travel as a company is by renting a limousine, an SUV or another charter service. This can be useful when the company needs to travel somewhere together and it?s not very far away. If you have anywhere from 15 to 20 people, renting a stretch limousine could be all you need to get to the meeting or conference. This may seem like an uncommon way to travel, but it’s really not. Around 400 million people travel in rented limousines and SUVs every single year. They are a convenient way to travel together rather than having to split up into different cars. Similar to a motorcoach, they can also help cut down on traffic on highways since you are traveling together instead of separately.

This is also a great way to take out clients if you are showing them around town or taking them to an event, too. Rather than having clients drive themselves somewhere to meet you, the whole group can go together in a limousine. You can talk with the clients while driving and at the restaurant or event that you go to.

Has your company ever traveled somewhere for a conference, event, or meeting? How did your company travel to get there? Based on this information, what means of transportation would your business use if it had to travel again? Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on all these different modes of transportation.

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