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London is a city accustomed to elegance and quality. A variety of its hotel accommodations are touted as some of the best hotels in the world, let alone in the capital of the United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace, traditional home of the royal family, sits majestically in the Westminster area of London, a short walk from the city’s best hotel accommodations in Victoria. The British Museum has been viewed as one of the most beautiful, most useful museums on the planet for researching history, science, and more since it first opened its doors in 1753. According to, it pulls in 6.7 million visitors annually.

This same level of quality, elegance, and beauty can be seen in many other facets of London, outside of its world-renowned hotel accommodations. In fact, for many of London’s 30 million annual visitors, as estimated by Visit London, the city’s food scene, comprised of world famous chefs and their famous restaurants, is as good of a reason to visit the Big Smoke on a European holiday as anything else. If you’re planning a European vacation to London, here are three world-class restaurants you shouldn’t miss.

Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen
Jamie Oliver made a name for himself as a great chef, but he’s also distinguished himself as someone who cares about eating well while eating healthfully. Fifteen, located on Westland Place, embodies these ideals. Oliver and the entire Fifteen team use high quality animal products, fruits, and vegetables to bring their goal of serving “elegant, rustic, clean, and honest food.” If you look at their menu, which features wholesome, filling dishes, like cured salmon served with a vinaigrette and black radishes, you can see Oliver’s passion.

Gordon Ramsay’s York and Albany
Thanks to “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Hell’s Kitchen,” Gordon Ramsay is undoubtedly the most famous chef in the world. However, his food has earned its positive reputation on its own steam. According to, Ramsay has earned a total of seven Michelin stars. One of his best restaurants is York and Albany, located in Camden Town. The menu focuses on simple, well-cooked British food, like roasted Cornish cod, and an exhaustive wine list to pair with any dish you decide on. With the added bonus of being a short tube ride away from Victoria’s best hotel accommodations, York and Albany makes for one of the most delicious and convenient restaurants to visit in London Town.

Michel Roux Jr’s Le Gavroche
The Rouxs are the closest thing you can find to a culinary dynasty in London. According to the BBC, Albert Roux and Michel Roux, the father and uncle, respectively, of Michel Roux Jr., were the first British chefs to receive Michelin stars. Le Gavroche, the restaurant started by the two brothers, was actually where Gordon Ramsay trained! Now under the charge of Michel Roux Jr., the restaurant has risen to new heights, offering classic French dishes that have garnered three Michelin stars. If you love authentic souffle or classic black pudding served alongside a wine list featuring over 60,000 choices, according to Visit London, head to Upper Brook Street to taste what all the fuss is about.

London has rightfully earned its place as an epicenter of culture, history, and business. However, its culinary landscape is equally if not more impressive than anything else on offer. If you’re heading to London, don’t miss what these restaurants offer. See more.

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