Empty leg private jet

If you use a charter plane service, are you used to paying round trip prices? Did you know you can save money if you charter a private jet just one way – without sacrificing quality?

Here’s another tip. It’s worth trying to find a charter plane service that owns much of its fleet and flies planes that are not all the very latest models. That’s where you’ll get the best value for your money.

You already know the benefits of private aircraft charter in terms of convenience
. With access to over 5000 public use U.S. airports (100 times more than the airlines), charter planes leave on your schedule and allow you to avoid all the crowds and delays you encounter at the major transportation hubs. And, of course, with charter jet companies you get VIP treatment each and every time you fly.

Charter fliers avoid the long wait to pick up their baggage after they arrive. It never leaves their sight, so they know it won’t be lost.

Are you aware of how much more work you accomplish on private charter jets? Surveys indicate that productivity actually goes up as much as 20% compared to the office environment, while those who fly commercial see themselves as 40% less productive on a plane.

Finally, there’s the privacy issue. That’s actually one of the major reasons that executives use charter place service. They can talk freely about company matters without being concerned about someone overhearing them.

Your charter plane service is most likely to be a small or mid-sized operation with fewer than 500 employees. With roughly 2100 similar companies competing for your business travel dollar, offering top quality, personalized customer service, reliability and value has to be a priority.

There are plenty of businesses ready to meet your charter travel needs, so be sure you choose one that’s well-reviewed and has an excellent track record of performance and service. Even if you’re already working with one company, it’s a good idea to check around periodically and see if you’re getting the best possible value.

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