Cabins in michigan

Camping in America has been a great tradition for many decades. In some respects, camping was just how we used to live our everyday lives. Certainly, the Native Americans of this great land knew what it meant to live the camping lifestyle. They would put up their temporary living structures, live off of the land, and break down and move their campground villages as the weather changed.

There are certainly many today who love to “rough it” and find places to camp where on the minimum necessities are provided them. Others, however, enjoy finding just the right cabin or even participate in the RV lifestyle. Regardless of what type of camping you might enjoy the most, there is very likely a campground very close to where you live.

More than 60% of all adults who camp do so within a 150-mile radius of their home. Camping is also something that doesn’t take too much preparation, depending on what type of equipment you currently own or are going to buy. If you get the urge to go, you can make the trip very easily. Recent surveys have found that 34% of campers made no previous reservations with their campground while only 43% of campers planned their trip a month or more in advance.

It is the sheer love of camping that motivates many to experience the outdoors in this fashion. Many people love the idea of getting as far away from civilization as possible, losing contact for a while with everyone and everything. But, not every camping trip needs to be that kind of hardcore experience. Most people are not looking to prepare for the next episode of Survivor or something similar.

For many folks, seeing the great outdoors from the windows of their RV at a campground location is the most they can handle when it comes to camping. They like to load up and travel the country, stopping to see the sites in a way that is affordable and comfortable. This is no less a camping experience than sleeping outside in a sleeping bag under the stars. Camping is whatever you want to make it.

The next time you are thinking about a vacation that can deliver excitement, new experiences, and a wide variety of ways to see this great country of ours, try camping. You won’t be disappointed.

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