Vip private jet

Traditionally, if a company needed to send people to a meeting, they would use a commercial airline. But more and more companies are turning to private flights for their business needs. Less stress and more options are pushing the move from commercial to private flights. Quiet, privacy, less time, and easier way of travel are all reasons why more businesses are using a jet charter for their travel needs, both for business and for personal travel.

The quiet atmosphere of a private charter allows people to get more work done. in a 2009 survey, 20% of people say they are more productive on a company aircraft than they are in their office. While productivity on a commercial flight drops by 40%. The people will get more done in the hours it takes to get to their destination on a jet charter than they would on a commercial flight or even in their own office.

Time is also a factor when considering a business private jet. Because jets are smaller, they are able to fly at higher altitudes than the commercial flights of 35,000 feet. The difference in altitude means private jets don’t have to face the same traffic issues in the air. Less traffic means less time and easier travel.

But the time is save on the ground, too. over 30% of jet charters fly out of secondary airports. Only 19% fly out of commercial airports. Less traffic means less time, both for the planes and for the people taking the flights. Private jets use over 5,000 airports across America, making it easier to get to the destination your company needs with less additional time needed for transportation. With nearly 10 times as many airports than the commercial airports, your company and your employees can save valuable time and headaches reaching their destinations.

And traveling by jet charter is not just for top managers and CEOs. Only 22% of business passengers on private charters are top executives. 50% are other managers and 20% are technical support, sales, or service staff.

Save time, and therefore money, by using a jet charter for the next meeting. Your team will arrive with fewer hassles and less frustration, ready to tackle the problems and make the company more profitable.

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