Festivals are common around the world. Travelers flock to these festivals to experience a another culture. However, there are some festivals that are far more unusual than others. In this video, you will learn about the most unusual festivals in the world. If you are planning on hosting your own festival or event, consider event tent rentals.

The Monkey Buffet Festival is where people host a grand buffet for the monkeys of the region. This festival takes place in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Not only will the monkey get food, they get entertainment as well. Participants dress up as monkeys and dance around as well. It takes place at a temple and some believe that these monkeys bring good luck and prosperity.

Another unusual festival is La Tomatina in Spain. During this festival, participants hurl squashed tomatoes at each other for the fun of it. The origins of this festival come from Valencia when there was a big brawl between youths. Those youths bought tomatoes from a nearby stand and threw them at each other. Now, this happens on a yearly basis with nothing but fun in mind.


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