Campground with cabin

Camping is one of the most beloved American past times, with 40 million Americans going on 515 million camping trips every year. In fact, the largest factor for going camping, according to adult campers, is just for the joy of camping! In fact, 47% of adult campers said that their biggest motivator is just to camp! Camping is a massive industry, with over $5 billion in revenue from campground and RV parks in 2013. It’s one of the most popular activities in America, and it’s a fun time with both friends and family.

Assuming you’re prepared.

Most campers, around 40%, prefer state campgrounds as their place to camp, according to surveys. It doesn’t say whether they prefer to camp in an RV, or in a tent or cabin, but if those campers out there are roughing it in a tent with sleeping bags, there are some things they’ll need to know about taking care of their new tent!

  • Beware the Weather!

    Tents are durable, yes, but they’re not designed to withstand tons of damage from the weather. They’re not solid structures like cabins, after all! Use every rope and peg you can to secure the tent when you set up or risk it being blown away or torn. Also, consider your environment. Sand is very different than dirt!
  • Practice!

    Don’t just head out with the tent and assume you’ll be able to set it up right there on the spot! You’ll need to practice! If you don’t, you might find that you won’t have a place to sleep, or might even damage the tent! That would be bad if you’re out in the middle of the woods. Take the time to read the instructions and get a good sense of how the tent should look and go together.
  • Prepare for Anything!

    Anything can happen. A peg could break, a pole could snap, or maybe you don’t have enough rope to be secure. Bring spares and extras just in case; you don’t want to be unprepared! Good preparation could mean the difference between a disaster of a trip and a fun one full of memories!

So there you have it, some ways to make sure you’re prepared for your trip with friends or family. Now head out there and roast some marshmallows!

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