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Did you know that motor coaches embark on approximately 751 million passenger trips every year? More and more people are choosing this mode of transportation for vacations, family reunions, and other travel purposes. It’s also interesting to note that during some years, more people travel by motor coach than by commercial airline.

A study conducted by the American Bus Association showed that motor coach trips increased during 2011 to 2012 by 7.5%. This is why traveling by charter buses is considered to be the fastest growing form of travel in the United States.

During 2012, slightly over half, or 50.2%, passenger trips were taken by students and seniors. The remaining trips were taken by young and older adults. Women tend to take more long-distance chartered bus trips than men, however, and account for 55% of these trips. Men, on the other hand, account for 45% of these trips.

There are more motor coach terminals than airport, bus, and intercity rail terminals, which makes this form of travel more accessible and convenient. In rural areas, for example, motor coaches often provide the only means of public intercity transportation. This is the case for over 14 million rural Americans that rely on this mode of transportation.

In addition to convenience, traveling by motor coach also has a positive impact on the environment. When a motor coach is at full capacity, 55 vehicles are potentially removed from America’s roads and highways. Not only does this reduce congestion, it also reduces energy usage and emissions.

There are other benefits of bus travel, of course, including comfort. There is considerably more leg room on a charter bus, and the seats also recline. Mobile conferences rooms, free WiFi, and other amenities are available for people that need to conduct business while traveling.

When you contact a charter bus company to schedule a trip, they will be able to provide you with additional information on this popular way to travel. If you’re planning to travel with family and friends, a charter bus company can also provide you with tips on chartering a bus tour group. Once you experience riding on a charter bus, chances are that this will be your preferred way to travel.

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