Gulfstream private jet

Productivity is always important for businesses. Many companies pay third parties to help determine what affects the productivity of their employees. With this knowledge, the business can ensure to set their employees up for success. They know what variables in the work place make employees more productive, and what variables decrease productivity. This is important to businesses, because employee time is company time.

When employees are at work, they need to be as productive and efficient as possible. Sometimes this means offering frequent breaks, or even perks in the form of meditation rooms, for employees. While this may sound like something that would decrease productivity, the opposite tends to be true. People working constantly tend to experience a decrease in productivity as time goes on. However, when someone takes a break at the low point of productivity and then comes back, they tend to experience a jump in productivity upon their return. The breaks are a huge help! People are much productive with them.

Another perhaps surprising method to increasing productivity occurs when companies rent a private jet. While this may sound like something exclusively for those living the life of luxury, it can actually be cost effective for many companies.

Think about it. Employees flying on commercial flights reported a drop in productivity by about 40%. This accounts for a lot of wasted company time that is taken up with lengthy and inconvenient security lines, and noisy, cramped spaces that make it difficult to effectively get any work done. With a decrease in productivity, companies can essentially count this as a loss in money.

However, if companies rent a private jet, that productivity drop doesn’t occur. This means that employees are able to continue to be productive and efficient while traveling on a private aircraft. And saving company time means saving company money!

Now, private flights may seem inconvenient at first — but it is important to realize that they use a network of over five thousand airports in the United States. Without any context, this number means very little. However, consider that commercial flights can only operate with a network of 500 airports across the country. That’s ten times as many airports available to private jets, making it ten times more convenient for your employees.

Plus, these jets don’t have to fly at the same altitude as commercial flights, which means that they compete with very little air traffic. Private jets fly at a much higher altitude, shortening the length of most trips. Once again, it is important to remember that saving company time saves company money.

So, when companies rent a private jet, they are able to effectively save money, while providing a special treat for the employees. By keeping productivity high, trips short, and with more convenient airport locations, companies are able to make sure their employees traveling on business trips can work effectively and productively.

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