The only feature that truly defines a waterfront restaurant is its place on a major waterway. These restaurants offer amazing views for diners sitting comfortably inside or enjoying the fresh air outside. Beyond views, they also benefit from the pleasant sounds and fresh smells coming off of the water.

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All in all, eating at a waterfront restaurant is an experience for all of the senses.

You aren’t limited to river fish or seafood when you go to a waterfront restaurant. The video covers a wide variety of eateries that have beautiful locations on the water, and they offer something for everyone. Whether you want authentic Italian food, American Mexican-inspired food, or Asian-fusion dishes, you can find the right restaurant for you on the waterfront.

If fish is on your mind, though, eating from a waterfront restaurant practically guarantees that you’ll only get the freshest fish in your entree. These restaurants have access to some of the best fish markets available, and their owners know great seafood like the backs of their hands. You’ll have a great experience trying the absolute best of the best if you choose a waterfront restaurant that specializes in fish dishes.

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