One of the most popular whitewater rafting locations is on the French Broad River. Those looking for excitement will enjoy the thrill and challenge of whitewater rafting. Not only that, but you can submerge yourself in the surrounding beauty. The USA Raft Adventure Resort YouTube channel breaks down the French Broad and what you can do there.

Where is the French Broad River?

The French Broad River is situated between North Carolina and Tennessee. It spans nearly 218 miles and is home to some of the best whitewater rafting in America.

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Those who come here can find rafting at all levels, such as a calm float or an excitingly rough challenge. It’s best known for its class II and III rapids, which are some of the most challenging in the world.

What You Should Know Prior

The whitewater rapids in the French Broad River are known for being some of the most stubborn. The challenging ones span eight miles and have swift-moving white water rapids. Those unfamiliar with rapids may not enjoy the ride – especially if they are beginners.

The Bottom Line

Before anyone should pass up on this trip, French Broad river rafting on the French Broad River is truly a sight. Everyone can enjoy the breathtaking beauty while experiencing some class II and III rapids.

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