Campgrounds in ohio

Camping is one of America’s favorite pastimes and it’s not hard to see why. Hiking and camping embody the great spirit of America, celebrating the vast forests, winding rivers, brilliant weather and towering mountains that have defined the country for decades. People who love to exercise can enjoy activities like hiking and swimming while those that prefer more leisurely pursuits can turn to fishing, kayaking or just enjoying the sun’s rays on the beach. For those that aren’t interested in the trouble of finding a good campground and pitching a tent, however, can instead turn to cabin rentals. They’re affordable and comfortable ways of enjoying the great outdoors while keeping in the spirit of what makes camping so much fun in the first place. Let’s take a look at some of the favorite activities of the average camper as well as why you should rent a cabin next time you go out on another vacation.

Camping In America

Did you know over 40 million people went camping in the year 2010 alone? That’s at least one million more from the previous year! While the spring and summer months are the most popular choices for their agreeable weather and widely available free time, camping can be a year-round activity if you choose cabin rentals. Public campgrounds continue to see more and more visitors as time goes by, in particular, as people search for healthy and fun social activities in-between work obligations and school. But what, exactly, do people do when they go out camping?

Popular Activities

The largest appeal of camping can be summed up in its plethora of activities for people of all shapes, sizes and interests. Hiking is the most popular activity among campers by a landslide, with a survey revealing a whopping 92% of its respondents saying they hiked at least once during their last trip! Fishing and swimming are still much beloved for campers that situate themselves near a lake or river and bird-watching is a plus for animal lovers and artists alike. When it comes to methods of camping, they remain just as unique and varied as the different activities you can do.

Methods Of Camping

What’s your favorite way of enjoying the outdoors? Do you prefer to camp by tent or would you rather rent a cabin? A few surveys found that the most popular form of camping is still by tent, with 86% of respondents citing it as their favorite method. Cabin camping is fairly popular with families at 33% and another 26% turned to backpacking as their go-to camping experience. Although RV campers are not the most common, they have the longest outings with at least five or six days spent camping on average. While camping alone is certainly a option, it’s not a popular one — nearly 70% of campers include friends and family on their trip.

Cabin Camping

While pitching up a tent or sleeping under the stars is a fun way for some to camp, it doesn’t suit everyone! Cabin camping rentals give you the hybrid package of enjoying the great outdoors, being in close proximity to rivers and lakes for various activities and offering you a degree of comfort that’s still not too close to home. There are plenty of good cabins in Colorado or Indiana, states known for their lush landscapes and varied weather patterns. Rent a cabin in Idaho, visit camping grounds in North Carolina or pitch a tent under the open sky in Colorado next time you’re thinking about your next vacation — your friends, family and physical health will thank you for it!

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