Most of us have played mini golf at one time or another. It is a popular game for small groups to play during get togethers or parties. You can expect zany obstacles such as windmills to be scattered across the green. Mini golf is an absolute blast. However, it can get old with many of the courses looking similar.

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Therefore, one indoor golf facility decided to take mini golf to the next level. In this video, you will see what has to be the most innovative mini golf course in existence.

Puttshack is an indoor mini golf facility in Atlanta, Georgia. It boasts a new and unique way to play mini golf. They have combined mini golf with the latest technology. Each ball has computer chips inside so that the computer system knows which ball belongs to who and where it is. This is important because each person has points depending on how many strokes they get, if they go in any hazards, or if they hit any bonus points. Each player takes a turn by placing the golf ball on a small sensor platform. The screen then says whose turn it is and how many points they have. The screen shows everyone’s points much like at modern bowling alleys. It is a truly incredible experience.


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